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This thirty-something is getting hitched in 48 Days!

As fall brings about change it seems fitting that I too am undergoing my own set of changes. In just a few weeks I will have a new last name and a new extended family. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think something like this would ever happen to me. I never thought… Continue reading This thirty-something is getting hitched in 48 Days!

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Hope Poem

  Hope Concrete walls with spiraling wire High perimeters guarding her Fortress of strength A woman's defense Encasing the shards Protecting a fragmented heart Burned tissue with eroded holes Scars covering a wounded soul Slowing beating wanting more But the jailor remembers Whispering in the night Her jailor tells her to guard Covet and protect… Continue reading Hope Poem

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Christmas Prelude Sojourn

My mom and I set out two weeks ago on our annual Christmas prelude trip to Kennebunk Maine. If you have never been to Maine for the Christmas Prelude festivities I highly recommend it. The town is decorated to the nines with Christmas flare. Bows and bells adorn windows and doors, the smell of freshly cut Christmas… Continue reading Christmas Prelude Sojourn